"I am running to become your next Assemblyperson because soon we may be nearing the point of no return and I’m afraid that my children will not be able to afford to stay in or return to New Jersey after they graduate from college someday. Many other New Jerseyans share this fear for their own children or grandchildren or for themselves. Who amongst us thought that they’d ever have to move from New Jersey to find a more secure and stable future? We must work to make New Jersey a state that people want to move to in order to better their lives and fulfill their dreams for themselves and their families."  -Jennifer
Jersey’s High Cost of Living

I have met too many people of all ages just in our district who told me that they have an exit plan to leave New Jersey or that they are working on one. The costs of living here are too high and we have to change that before we lose an entire generation to other U.S. states because where they grew up is unaffordable. 

Balanced Affordable Housing

We must have balanced affordable housing. We cannot place all of our affordable housing in more urban areas, nor can we or should we force all of our affordable housing into more affluent suburban areas. There has to be more fairness and more equitable solutions. We can find them if we have the necessary conversations regarding our cities and suburbs and work together to create a better, stronger New Jersey for everyone.

Runaway Taxation

We are all feeling the effects of ever-increasing Taxes. Our State Legislature and Administration cannot keep raising taxes and pummel our middle-class residents each year. New Jersey’s runaway taxation is becoming unsustainable. Without a cap on property taxes or a new school funding formula, there will never be a way to even “tap the brakes” on our overtaxed communities. Finding new ways to tax New Jerseyans is destroying our state one dollar at a time. We must successfully push for this or we will not survive as a functional, solvent state. If not, New Jersey will become totally stratified into only the rich and only the poor. 

Save the Trenton Water Works While Ensuring its Safety

We must get the State of New Jersey to become a strong partner in improving the Trenton Water Works and the quality and safety of its water – while ensuring that the City of Trenton’s greatest physical asset  will not be sold off. The citizens of our capital city bravely and wisely fought off an attempt to sell off the Trenton Water Works suburban water pipes nearly a decade ago. As our district’s new Assemblyperson, I promise that I will work diligently for the citizens of Trenton and our suburban towns to have cleaner and safer water for everyone, every day.

Criminal Justice Reforms

Jennifer will work for criminal justice reforms to protect incarcerated women, expunge records for non-violent offenses, and lower recidivism rates while improving our state penal system’s success rates for re-entry programs. She will also work hard to help improve access to substance abuse treatment in New Jersey’s prisons and jails and give Corrections officials the tools they need to combat drug use among incarcerated populations.

Making Substance Abuse Treatment More Available

There is likely no family in New Jersey that hasn’t somehow or in some way been affected by drug or alcohol addiction. I am not speaking for the State of New Jersey, but I believe that if recreational marijuana is to be legalized and taxed, then it is completely reasonable to mandate that a significant percentage of the tax revenue raised be used for the funding of treatment for addictions. We must find a way to do that. The stakes and many lives are too important to not explore this concept soon.

Why You Should Vote for Jennifer Williams for Assembly in LD-15

In a speech he gave long before becoming President, Ronald Reagan said that as Americans that “We have a rendezvous with destiny.” He was right then and I believe that he would be right today. He also once said about an election, “This is a Time For Choosing” and I believe that 2019 is the year that our State Legislative District, Number 15… must choose at least one new Assemblyperson who is a Republican and come this November, I want to be your new Assemblyperson… for you, and for all of us.

I promise to work tirelessly for your vote and every other voter in our District… whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Undeclared voter. We are a great country, a beautiful state and a magnificent people when we work… together.

Economic Opportunities

Jennifer will push to increase economic opportunities for all by reforming Occupational Licensing barriers and State regulations. She will also propose commonsense, business-minded solutions to encourage and increase entrepreneurship in urban areas and to improve the sustainability of newer start-ups in our city cores. Jennifer will also be a voice for creating incentives to direct the rapid growth of suburban warehouse fulfillment centers and their many jobs to struggling cities like Trenton.

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